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BEATLENESS, by sociologist Candy Leonard, is the story of how the Beatles’ constant presence in the 1960s transformed the childhood and adolescence of millions of fans and how, with a little help from their fans, the Beatles remade the world.

Beatleness /bē-tl-nəs, bē-tl-nis/


1. qualities or characteristics of the Beatles and their works; a manifestation of the essential qualities that define “the Beatles.”

2. an emotional or spiritual state, condition, or feeling resulting from exposure to or thinking about the Beatles and their works.

3. cultural references and artifacts, tangible and intangible, that evoke the Beatles; artistic or commercial use of words and images associated with the Beatles.

Based on interviews with hundreds of fans of different ages and genders, Beatleness is a richly textured cultural history, showing what it was like to grow up immersed in Beatles—from Ed Sullivan to the Apple rooftop—eagerly awaiting each record and watching their evolution.

Early and late Beatles


Beatleness holds a magnifying glass up to the six-year timeline of the fan experience and allows the reader to experience—or re-experience—what it was like to be a young person during the Beatle years.