Too Young For Woodstock, But Tuned In & Turned On

This week marks the forty-seventh anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, an event thought by many to epitomize the spirit of the sixties. As I write about in Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade The World, many music fans, age 12, 13, and 14 in 1969, bemoan the fact that they were “too young… Read more

Fifty Years Ago: Abracadabra!

This brief excerpt (from Ch 4: The Embodiment of Cool) is followed by an extended, song-by-song discussion of fans’ reactions to Revolver:  Fans were wearing out the grooves on Yesterday and Today and Rubber Soul when Revolver entered their lives in August ’66. A new Beatle album was always eagerly anticipated, but now that fans… Read more

79 Days Later: Cheered Up & Ready For Change

According to the “Kennedy Rebound Theory of Beatlemania,” the Beatles boosted the national spirit after the assassination and made us more receptive to the happy tumult the Beatles ushered in. The Saturday Evening Post agreed saying, “They served for a time to divert us. We wish them well. We like them better than Cyprus, Panama… Read more

Beatles April ’64 Chart Toppers Mesmerized Boomers

In the spring of 1964, young America’s love for the Beatles and the steady flow of Beatle music converged, such that by the week of April 4, the top five songs in the country were Beatle songs. This feat, never accomplished by any band before or since, is often cited as evidence of the Beatles’… Read more

EXCERPT: Let It Be…On The Roof

The most uplifting scene in Let It Be was of course the unannounced rooftop concert. Performing live, which all four loved, had become unpleasant and unwieldy on the road. The plan was for the Get Back project to culminate in a live show, but they couldn’t identify a venue all could agree to. The rooftop was… Read more

When The Beatles Came To Anytown, USA

Beatlemania is once again rampant as towns that welcomed the Beatles in the late summer of ’64—some rather reluctantly at the time—look back at the moment with pride. Many cities are holding Beatle festivities to mark the event. Fifty years ago, bewildered city fathers nervously anticipated the Beatles arrival. Many were fearful that their nice,… Read more

VIDEO: Candy Talks About Documenting the “Joyful Trauma” of Growing Up With the Beatles

People often ask me why I wrote Beatleness. Some ask, “Does the world really need another book about the Beatles?” Yes! Because although there are thousands of books about the Beatles, the only other books about the fan experience are Garry Berman’s We’re Going To See The Beatles,” which are the stories of people who saw… Read more