Giving the Gift of Beatleness To A Young Person


Letter from 6th graderFBI’ve received many emails from people who’ve read and enjoyed Beatleness over the past few months. It’s difficult to express how gratifying these emails are, and they make the very hard work of writing a book feel worth every second. The reader reviews at amazon are also extremely gratifying. 

Earlier this week I received a letter from a sixth grader in California, and it really made my day. 

One of my goals in writing the book was so that young people, today and in the future, would know what it was like to grow up listening to the Beatles in real time, and appreciate the Beatle story in the context of what else was happening in the culture between 1964 and 1970. I think I accomplished this goal. 

flower-power-21Many young people are intrigued by the sixties, and it’s not only the cool fashions and great pop music. mod-3They know it was a time of optimism and idealism when young people were engaged and genuinely believed they could make a difference and make the world a better place. 

I’ve often said that reading Beatleness is as close as young people will get to time travel back to the famously “groovy” and  “tumultuous” sixties. This reader’s letter confirmed the truth of that. But even more importantly, it shows that a motivated person as young as twelve can understand and enjoy Beatleness!


If there’s a young Beatle fan or history buff in your life, give them the gift of Beatleness this holiday season. The book will encourage their interest in music and history, and it will get them reading. And it never has to be plugged in, recharged, or upgraded. Young Beatleness readers may also understand their baby boomer parents or grandparents a bit better. And you know that can’t be bad.

Below is the text of the middle schooler’s letter, complete with charming misspellings:

Dear Candy Leonard,

I was given the novel Beatleness by my fifth grade edicator. I am in the sixth grade now, and evry Friday morning I go to help him. He knows that I am a Mager Beatle fanatic. I’ve been told by my class mates I know too much about the Beatles, and have a lot of merchendice. Yes I have all the remastered vinyl records. A lot of  my class mates disagree with the notion that the Beatles are the best music group of all time. Perhaps they never listend to any Beatle songs, or some other obnoxious and unsifisticated reson. Let’s go on to the book. This novel was stupendes, I never knew that in late 1967 fans stoped likeing the Beatles and started likeing the monkees. I also liked how you put the colems of waht people said, it was vary interesting. My father was my age when he saw the Beatles on the ed sullivan show, my dad loves them but he lived in a republican household so there were not to many oportoniteys to get a beatle LP. The two Beatles I relate to most are Jhon and George. This novel really shows the little detales of the fans and what the beatles went through.

Sinserly your new penpal,

Name Omitted

PS. Thank you for wrighting this book

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