Media & Availabilities

CL at Trident 3Candy is available for media interviews, panel discussions, and presentations on Beatleness, the sixties, and the baby boomer experience. She is an engaging and charismatic speaker who delights in “edutaining” an audience.  Contact her here.

Suggested Interview Questions:

  • Why did you write this book? Aren’t there already thousands of books about the Beatles?
  • Who would be interested in this book? Is it only for Beatle fans?
  • What is Beatleness?
  • What’s the connection between the Beatles and the ongoing “culture war?”
  • You describe the fan experience as a “joyful trauma.” What does that mean?
  • You say the relationship between the fans and the Beatles is historically unique? How so?
  • Were the Beatles agents of change or a reflection of change already happening?
  • You say the Beatles changed the culture of childhood in the sixties? How so?
  • In what ways did girl fans and boy fans experience the Beatles differently?
  • What does the Paul Is Dead rumor tell us about Beatle fandom?
  • How did the Beatles impact family life in the 60s?
  • Did the Beatles influence young people in the 60s to use drugs?
  • Did the Beatles influence young people in the 60s to oppose the war in Vietnam?
  • How does Beatleness explain the importance of the Beatles to post-war American history?
  • Could anything like the Beatles happen again?

Beatleness in the Classroom
Contact Candy about a guest lecture or presentation, tailored to the age and interests of students K-12, college age, or adult learners.

For desk or review copies, instructors should contact Perseus Academic.