Giving the Gift of Beatleness To A Young Person

  I’ve received many emails from people who’ve enjoyed and appreciated Beatleness since it came out in the summer of 2014. It’s difficult to express how gratifying these emails are, and they make the very hard work of writing a book feel worth every second. The reader reviews at amazon are also extremely gratifying.  Perhaps the most gratifying review was the one… Read more

They’re Gonna Crucify Me

A little over a month after the Beatles shocked fans with the controversial “butcher cover” of Yesterday and Today, the Beatles found themselves at the center of another controversy when John’s casual observation about the declining popularity of the church—made during an interview with the Maureen Cleave of London Evening Standard the previous March—was taken… Read more

Rubber Soul Elevated Beatles’ Cultural Authority

This is is a brief excerpt from a longer section on Rubber Soul, in Chapter Four of Beatleness.  Thinking back to when we first heard John sing “The Word” is especially poignant this week, as we recall December 8, 1980.      Say The Word and Be Like Me Fans were used to hearing the Beatles sing about love, but “The… Read more

79 Days Later: Cheered Up & Ready For Change

According to the “Kennedy Rebound Theory of Beatlemania,” the Beatles boosted the national spirit after the assassination and made us more receptive to the happy tumult the Beatles ushered in. The Saturday Evening Post agreed saying, “They served for a time to divert us. We wish them well. We like them better than Cyprus, Panama… Read more

The Beatles Spread the Word in Global TV Hookup

On June 25, three weeks after the release of Sgt. Pepper, the Beatles represented the UK in Our World, the first live, international satellite TV hook-up. An estimated four hundred million people watched them perform “All You Need Is Love,” dressed in designer hippie chic, surrounded by a studio orchestra and a crowd of friends,… Read more

John and Yoko’s Peace Campaign: The Fan Reaction

First-generation fans recall the Beatle years as a “journey” or “odyssey,” with a nonstop flow of challenging sounds, images, and ideas all along the way. When Yoko entered the scene, John and Yoko became a compelling spin-off spectacle, parallel to the Beatles and no less challenging. The dynamic duo­—using mass media and conceptual art to… Read more

45 Years Ago: Give Peace A Chance & The Vietnam Moratorium

As fans were exploring Abbey Road,  “Give Peace A Chance,” was sung by over a half-million demonstrators in Washington DC and millions more around the country and the world—including future US President Bill Clinton at Oxford, England—on October 15, Vietnam Moratorium Day. Pete Seeger led the crowd at the DC protest, adding “Are you listening,… Read more

Exit, Brian; Enter, Maharishi

EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 5 (I’d Love To Turn You On) An Exit and an Entrance     In late July ’67 a full-page petition appeared in The Times of London calling for major reform of Britain’s marijuana laws. The petition was signed by over sixty prominent British citizens, including all four Beatles and Brian Epstein.  The… Read more

Beatleness Chicago Fest Preview

Although the official Beatleness publication date is not until August 26, the publisher wanted it to be available for the Fest for Fans in Chicago next week. I’m thrilled to be going – to be part of the festivities and to share Beatleness with fans. I’ll be selling and signing books all weekend at the MoonglowPR table… Read more